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Jail Construction and Cost

Clayton County Jail Construction

H R Banke Justice CenterThe Clayton County Jail and Administration Building is composed of two different building methods. The jail inmate-housing portion (approximately 300,000 square feet) was constructed of pre-cast, pre-formed concrete developed off-site and transported to the construction site. The pre-cast cells are constructed at 9,000 pounds per square inch of concrete, creating the highest level of security and making them virtually impervious to attack by inmates. The intake, administration and support areas (approximately 200,000 square feet) used a combination of steel and concrete masonry construction.

The total building area for the Jail and Administration function covers more than 10 acres under one roof. However, the building was designed in such a way that all inmate areas can be visually supervised from an officer's fixed position, offering increased security.

Construction Cost

The overall facility including courts contains approximately 727,500 square feet, at a total of cost of $91,000.000. This cost represents a 35-45% savings per square foot over comparable projects in surrounding counties.