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District 1

About Sonna Singleton Gregory


Clayton County Commissioner Sonna Singleton Gregory has lived in Clayton County since 1992. Early on Sonna saw that many working parents were facing a challenge of balancing work and family life. Having spent most of her life in Clayton County as a single parent, she knew first- hand how important it was for hard working parents to know that their children were in a safe place while they worked. For this reason, she got involved and worked hard as a member of the "Roads and Recreation Committee" (also known as the 2003 SPLOST). She worked hard to educate and inform citizens of the need to vote yes for the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) in order to bring badly needed recreation facilities to Clayton County.

Today as she serves her third term as the Clayton County Commissioner for District 1, she sees the results of her early work on the SPLOST Committee in the East Clayton Community. Residents now enjoy the various activities at the Rhodenizer Recreation Center, the walking trails in Rex Park, a long promised police precinct on Anvil Block Road, an animal adoption center and an upcoming Senior Center. Commissioner Singleton Gregory did not stop at the 2003 SPLOST but as this SPLOST term neared expiration, she continued to be an advocate for an additional SPLOST for the county. Through the success of an additional SPLOST residents continue to benefit from new capital projects, continued county roads and infrastructure improvements.

Commissioner Singleton Gregory is a caring public servant, citizen and homeowner who has worked hard for over 20 years to improve the East Clayton Community as a civilian and as an elected official. She built a strong record of service in the Rex-Ellenwood-Morrow-Conley Communities long before deciding to seek the office of District 1 Commissioner. Citizens know her as a responsive, respected, and available commissioner. To make it easier for citizens to communicate with her she initiated a monthly community communication forum during her first term in office called "Second Saturday with Sonna Singleton." During these meetings, she has one on one, group discussions and/or town hall like meetings with citizens about their community concerns.

Commissioner Singleton Gregory strongly believes in citizens taking ownership of their communities through neighborhood watch groups, homeowner associations, civic leagues and community associations. She began working to revitalize her own neighborhood in 1996 by reactivating her once defunct Homeowners Association. She recognized that the transition of the community as empty nesters downsized, relocated and often rented out their residence. Her subdivision like many of the subdivisions in the county lacked a leadership body to assist the new residents in maintaining a good quality of life in their new neighborhoods. She knew the importance of making sure that neighbors stay involved in their neighborhoods.

Commissioner Gregory created a model for communities that has spread throughout the district and in to other counties. She worked to educate first time home dwellers on the value of neighborhood upkeep and ownership by organizing her neighborhood’s "Community Association." Within the organization, she worked with residents to launch a neighborhood watch program made up of residents who patrol the neighborhood on foot, by car, etc. The neighborhood children affectionately gave her the name of the "Neighborhood Association Lady". Commissioner Singleton Gregory has transitioned her ability to get neighbors involved into her work as a County Commissioner.

Commissioner Singleton Gregory’s neighborhood model also included starting a community newsletter, developed alliances with community businesses in order to support clean-up efforts as neighbors worked to take ownership of their community.

Commissioner Singleton Gregory efforts in the community spread outside of her subdivision into the larger community. She was a member of the Community Association Executive Board that worked with a former state legislator and commission chairman to build the walking trail that so many residents enjoy today in Rex Park. In recognition of her hard work in the community, she was appointed to and served on two citizen advisory boards prior to holding public office. Even after she was elected commissioner, her work did not stop. It was not strange to see her on any Saturday morning, cleaning up the main entrance of her subdivision, organizing community fund raising drives or hosting a neighborhood watch meeting or event for neighbors to get to know each other.

Commissioner Sonna Singleton Gregory was first elected to serve the citizens of District 1 in August 2006. After being sworn in office in January 2007, Commissioner Singleton immediately went to work to educate herself more on the roles and responsibilities of a commissioner. She completed the necessary classes sponsored by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia and within 10 months of taking office, completed the Carl Vinson Institute Training to become a Certified County Commissioner. She is a member of the National Association of Black County Officials, and has served as Vice Chair of the National Association of Counties Arts and Culture Committee. In her role on the Arts & Culture Commission, she has worked to bring awards and national recognition to Clayton County Arts Programs. She is also a member of the Healthy Communities Committee, Women of NACo.

Commissioner Singleton Gregory believes in helping people and she works hard to make the East Clayton area a better place for families to live and raise their children. Her volunteer accomplishments include; volunteer at East Clayton Elementary, Smith Elementary, and Adamson Middle School and Morrow High School. Commissioner Singleton Gregory is a member of Travelers Rest Baptist Church in Morrow where she serves as a church usher. Sonna is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., past PTSA Vice President at Morrow High School, Past Membership Coordinator for Adamson Middle School PTSA. She works in various community organizations.

Commissioner Singleton Gregory is originally from Snow Hill, North Carolina. She is proud of her rural roots of growing up on a farm feeding the pigs and working in the fields. She says that hard work and values instilled in her by her late parents prepared her for the position of commissioner. Sonna is also proud of her 9 sisters and 4 brothers (1 deceased) who she says set examples that she strives to reach daily. Commissioner Gregory is married to Police Sergeant Willie Davis Gregory Jr. who has worked with the Clayton County Police Department for twenty years. They live in Ellenwood. Commissioner Singleton Gregory has a 26 year old daughter Jordyn, a proud graduate of Clayton County Public Schools. Jordyn is an accomplished music (cellist) who attended Howard University and Clayton State University.

When asked what is the most important quality she feels a person must have in order to serve as commissioner, Sonna says, "You have to love and care for the people. I love the people of Clayton County. I love working hard to make Clayton County and our district a great place to live, work and raise our children."



Commissioner Sonna Singleton Gregory 
112 Smith Street, Jonesboro, GA 30236
Phone: (770) 473-5770
Fax: (678) 479-5034

David Dixon
, District 1 Constituent Aide
For Commissioner Sonna Singleton Gregory
112 Smith Street, Jonesboro, GA 30236
Phone: (770) 473-5770
Fax: (678) 479-5034



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Commissioner Sonna Singleton Gregory Appointed as Vice Chair for NACo's Arts
and Culture Commission
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